The Influence of Leadership in Organizational Culture

Leadership and organizational culture are both playing in the same field by influencing each other. However, it is very much important that the leader can influence the culture of organization for greater success. This paper will provide a clear depiction about the relationship in between leadership and organizational culture.

Organizational culture and leadership are important elements of an organization

For greater success of the organization, it is much needed to work those in conjunction. The function of the company will be influenced a lot by the leadership and organizational culture as well. Culture may determine the function of the leader. On the other hand, leader can specify and establish a culture for the welfare of the organization. Both of those occurrences can happen. For better or worse, one leader should make approach to alter or specify the culture of an organization.

In this particular section, you will understand the components of organizational culture. To understand the interrelationship in between leadership influence and organizational culture, better knowledge about culture is needed. Organization culture will be comprised of beliefs, values as well as behaviors. Those three tools of the employees will determine the performance level and organizational culture. That is why the leader should have a sharp look at those components.

Organizational leaders will influence the function of the people within the organization. Moreover, leadership will set the present and future course of the company. Leaders can be appointed leaders, managers, supervisors or natural leaders. Regardless of that fact, they must understand the culture of the organization for motivating the followers. This motivation is needed for proper functioning of the organization in the desired way.

Significant factors of leadership

There are three significant factors of leadership, which can influence the culture of a organization. The first of those tools will be the vision of the leader. If the leader can foresee the upcoming aspects, he can take measures to control the outcome. The second one will be values and views of a leader. According to vision of the leadership, the performance of the company can be altered significantly. The last key tool to alter the organizational culture will be purpose of the leader.

However, according to the discussion, the relationship between leadership and organizational culture can easily be understood.

Even leaders might sometimes be influenced by the organizational culture. In spite of that fact, leaders should try to influence the organizational culture for betterment of the company.

Leadership culture

Leadership culture